Forward Report

Intelligence in Business

Corporation Associates Forward Report helps you make informed decisions..

Business Background Information

The Forward Report provides you with background information about a business that you inquire about. Gain further insight with report options.

Multiple Sources Combined

The Forward Report collects data on a large number of businesses. When you make a request for a report, data is combined from multiple databases.

Expanded Viewpoint

Gain additional insight with market analysis. What do competitors think? What do consumers think? Market Feedback Analysis provides the answers.

Are You Tuned Into The Market And Your Competitors

The Competitive Landscape

The Competitive Landscape

Start using business intelligence reporting as a guide for your strategic decisions. Use market analysis reporting to spot trends. Learn in advance when new external factors may reduce your ability to profit.

Public Information

Gathering of Information

The Forward Report compiles public information resulting in current knowledge in your hands for just about any business. Make better credit decisions, key account decisions, or just be informed about your competition.

Social Media

Social Media Opportunity

The Forward Report offers a social media option which identifies, then collects what messages a business is sending out the public. Ask our Associates for more information about this offering.

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